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Air Duct and Vent Cleaning in Butler, New Jersey

Clean Air Technologies of Butler, New Jersey specializes in detailed air duct and vent cleaning for customers. We do a complete job that makes the air you breathe cleaner and safer. Contact us at (800) 462-9232 today for fast and friendly service.

Whether you have a residential to commercial property, you'll want to choose Clean Air Technologies. Our services are thorough, comprehensive, and fully guaranteed. To ensure quality service, we also use the EnvironCon™ sanitizing system.

1. Our service technicians explain in full detail our exclusive "guaranteed method" of air duct cleaning.

2. 10" circular access panels are cut into both the supply and return sides of your air handling system.

3. A 10" vacuum hose will be inserted into these openings, which is connected to a truck-mounted jet vacuum unit outside of your home.

4. All dirt, dust, and debris is drawn out of your air handling system and out of your home at the rate of 16,000 cubic feet per minute.

5. We perform a complete pre and post "mini-cam" video analysis to assess the extent of dirt within the system and to insure that it is not there upon completion. There is an additional charge for this service.

6. & 7. All branch and trunk lines are cleaned using a "rotary jet brush/whip," which incorporates a steel reinforced nylon brush, rotating at the rate of 14,000 revolutions per minute and a 250 psi "jet air sweeper" simultaneously scrubbing and blasting dust, dirt, and debris out of your air system.

8. The A-coil, furnace, burners, heat exchanger, and cabinets are cleaned and inspected. The entire system is then purged and tested.

9. You will see how Clean Air Technologies and our technicians care about you and your home.

10. Additional services include: sanitizing systems, dryer vent cleaning, and analyzing mold samples.

 Free Estimates

We always give free estimates and our work is 100% guaranteed.

 Trained Technicians

All Clean Air techs are fully trained with all the latest modern equipment.

 Fully Insured

Our company is insured and we provide references from previous clients.

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Clean Air Technologies BBB Business Review

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Clean Air Technologies
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Butler, NJ 07405

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